About NUSI

About NUSI

Past History
A group of sailors formed themselves into an association called Goa Portuguese Seamen's Club in 1896, a hundred years ago. It became the foundation of seafarers' Struggle for better life.

It is a long story of fight for social justice, initially for jobs, then for better working conditions and now, for better living.

At present, there are more than 35,000 Indian seamen who draw on an average a monthly salary of Rs. Thirty Thousand to Fifty Thousand on foreign flag ships and between Fifteen and Thirty Thousand on Indian ships; eat good food with a calorie content of over three thousand daily on board including ice-cream, fresh milk and cheese and live comfortably with family when ashore. There are many educational and other welfare facilities for them too. All this is thanks to National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) which has fought many battles for them.

It was in 1918 that the word union appeared in seamen's life. Two separate bodies viz. Asian Seafarers' Union and Indian Seamen's  Union comprising Deck and Engine Room ratings were founded in 1918. They merged next year and the first strike by Indian seamen on S.S. Kaiser-E-Hind of P & O took place. It was Khansaheb Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Who fought against all odds to unite seamen to seek regular jobs the seamen's life was miserable then. They had to carry their own bedding and utensils on voyage. Work - day was of 24 hours and work very hard. The food was just enough for subsistence.

When the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, came into force in 1927, the Indian Seamen's Union registered itself. Its registration number was 7.

Later in 1932, it was Khansaheb Mohamed Ebrahim Serang who founded the present  National Union of Seafarers of India (then National Seamen's Union of India). It fought initially for the right of employment, then for increase in wages and improvement of working conditions. In 1964 Indian seamen secured two social security benefits, namely, provident fund and gratuity. It was a singlehanded battle by Dr. Leo Barnes that won the Indian seamen a life with dignity.

Once he plunged into union activity in 1961. he devoted his life for the cause of seafarers. Dr. Barnes, who fights like a warrior is a skilled negotiator. In order to gain a step or two , he compromises but never on principles! He is successful in making many international agreements in favour of Indian and Asian seamen. Incidentally Dr. Barnes who was once a sailor himself did his studies while doing union work. He specialises in Mercantile marine law relating to seamen.

NUSI is perhaps the only Indian union which has worked on the principle of collective barganing, settling all its disputes across the table at bipartite meetings.

The funding concept was introduced in 1973 under the ISF/ITF Understanding and the Total Crew Concept was accepted in 1983 by Fair Practices Committee of ITF. These two developments brought about sea change in the Indian seamen's life.

There are many welfare projects for Indian seamen initiated out of these funds.

For the last ten years, the union has been engaged in various welfare activities for  Seafarers and their families. More than eight major projects for the welfare of Indian seamen in various parts of the country are on hand. They are mentioned elsewhere.

Now the union mainly helps seamen in facilitating their job requirements on a broader front. It has joined hands with shipowners to acquire more jobs for Indian seamen from International market. NUSI is the only union which runs educational and training institute to prepare qualified and competent Indian seamen. The union not only fights for betterment of wages and conditions but also  prepares its members to accept the newer challenges at sea.

NUSI is a union with a difference.

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Khansaheb Mohamed Ebrahim Serang

Dr. Leo Barnes